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Betsy Cameron | design coach

I have had the pleasure of turning houses into homes and offices into inviting spaces in Connecticut, New York and Fishers Island, NY since 2008. To offer my clients a comprehensive design process, fresh perspective and results that really resonate, I have expanded my services to include a blend of Design Psychology and Interior Environment Coaching.

Personally,  I am a mother of two—my joys, my challenges, my teachers. I love music, its power to move people and transform a moment or a space.  I'm in awe of the natural world—I play with it in my designs, and out in it whenever I can. I am resourceful, highly creative and a seeker of solutions.  

my story

Growing up, my family lived in many homes, in a number of countries.  Each move stirred up a ton of emotions, separating from what was familiar to face the unknown. As everything else shifted, my bedroom was my haven.  I stayed up that first night in each new space until every item was in the perfect place, finally grounded and feeling at home. 

Years later, my world uprooted again—my mother passed, I had two babies under three, I was trying to grow a career and my marriage was unravelling. I was overwhelmed and needed a place to ground, so I turned my energies toward creating a haven. I was a force...I painted walls, hand sanded and stained floors, stenciled borders, glue-gunned trims, hung/rehung artwork and rearranged huge pieces of furniture by sheer grit.  The space was beautiful, but I felt far from home.

One day,  I ripped out a tangled mess of garden and uncovered new growth, pale green but persevering. In that moment, my garden mirrored my life—I could leave it alone and it might survive, or clear away the old and give what was emerging a chance to thrive. Simply changing my paint colors and rearranging my belongings wasn't the key to finding home this time. I had to go deeper to release, reflect, and realign with who I was and how I wanted to live.  

My experience (and lots of cool science, architectural and spiritual stuff on the subject), has shown that our environments are expressions of what's really up with us—'as within, so without.' When you align your internal and external environments to consciously create, your spaces will authentically reflect who you are and how you want to feel in them.  

So, what's your story?  I encourage and support you to go a little deeper—take a look at those piles, open the closet doors, question color choices, your furniture and its placement, etc. What areas of your space/life are asking for attention?  Let's play with the possibilities...

When the old is discarded, the new is allowed. A space for growth is created, and with this space there is living, and with this living you will find that which is alive within you.
— Master Dhyan Vimal