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Betsy Cameron | interior designer 

Are you looking to make some changes in your space and in turn, your life?   Want help defining your personal design style?

Let’s bring YOUR personal design style into focus…Why? Because YOU are your best design resource—beyond trends, friends, or that favorite design show.  Yes, all of these spark ideas—but inviting your personal preferences, particular passions and emotional association with “home” into play is key!

To find your unique style, start by looking at your home now.  Your home is a lens that reflects who you are and how you live.  Zoom in... notice each detail from the light in a room, to the colors you choose, to the shapes and textures of your furnishings—how do they make you feel?  Are you loving what you see, or is it lacking? No judgement, please. The goal is to surround yourself with what you love—so your home uplifts and inspires you!  

There is a proven correlation between creating “beautiful” environments and meaningful, satisfying and joyful experiences.  Optimizing your home for happiness and creating a safe haven that meets your needs is both valuable and necessary in today’s busy world.

So, who am I and how can I help you?  I’m an interior decorator with a twist. I combine elements of design psychology and personal growth, with my innate love of design to help you to transform spaces and in turn, your life! This style of design invites you to go beyond the surface, to reveal spaces that authentically reflect who you are and support how you aspire to live.   Excited to begin?  Let’s connect…

Here’s to designing your best life! 



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