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Succulents: Care and Tips For the Budding Plant Lover

Not so much of a green thumb?  Wasn’t in my genes either…my mother was known for planting her spring bulbs upside down.  The plants persevered, they just took a while longer to show up!!  So it was really with my first house and being forced into my yard when I fell in love with plants.  

In particular, I love having an array of greenery on my kitchen sill, but keeping up with my extensive cut flower habit was becoming a little prickly on the weekly budget.  Enter: succulents! These low-maintenance plants work well pretty much ANYWHERE—on window sills, floating shelves, in terrariums.  Pretty much anywhere you’d like a sweet little pop of personality and color.  

Destination, ANYWHERE! 

Drought tolerant succulents are unique in color, style and growth pattern, making a statement on sills, shelves, terrarium designs or vertical gardens.  Feeling crafty?  Succulents are perfect for all you DIY'ers out there, from living wreaths, to designs with driftwood, they are perfect for home decor or even events, as darling favors, place holders, in centerpieces or even cake toppers!

Succulent Care: 3 Important Tips

So they are very forgiving, but not indestructible!  Drought resistant, they are easy to care for and require very little.  Here are 3 points to help them thrive:

  • Water:  The most important part of succulent care is when and how to water them.  ONLY water them is the soil is completely dry--doesn't matter if that is every three days or every 3 weeks! They like to be fed in the late afternoon or evening hours, as succulents best absorb their water and nutrients during their rest period (so sweet).  When it is time to water, soak the soil through so it reaches the entire root system (not drowning), and then let them dry out! Over-watering is definitely the easiest way to kill succulents!  
  • Sunlight: This is a little trickier.  Safest spot is in soft sun or indirect light at first and slowly introduce them to direct sunlight--particularly in the hot months.  They do need enough light to look their best and offer their best color.  Your succulents with start to stretch out and look "leggy" if they are searching for more sufficient light.  Watch your plants and try different light to maintain the ideal look.
  • Temperature:  They may be tough plants, but they too have their limits!!  Succulents thrive between 50 and 85 degrees.  As the temperature rises, best to keep plants out of the afternoon sun or they will burn.  And made up of water, low temperatures will cause them to freeze.