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design coaching


Why Design Coaching?

Designing vibrant, intentional spaces begins with self and spacial awareness. Understanding this integral relationship is key to promoting balance and well-being in all areas of your life. This style of design invites you to go beyond the surface, to reveal spaces that authentically reflect who you are and support "whole living."  

This is a process of reflection and assessment that goes beyond decorating. It is an exploration of how the places we inhabit reflect the space within us and vice versa. Together, we help you to organize your space and your thinking, move past patterns of behavior, and open up to the life you want to create. 

Whether you are reimagining your space or looking to experience greater flow in your life, we'll create havens that evoke joy with style and purpose.

When we bring our inner and outer worlds into alignment, we get clear and create spaces that reflect where we are now and support where we are going.
— Rebecca McLoughlin | Interior Life Designer