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Change is an inevitable part of life, sparking opportunities to reflect, release and realign with who you are and how you want to live. Every journey towards change begins with an awareness of where you are and a feeling that something more is possible. Whether you are reimagining your space or looking to experience greater flow, we'll create changes that evoke joy, serenity, style and function in your space and in turn, your life. 

Just as you grow into the world, the world grows into you. Not only do you occupy a certain place, but that place, in turn, occupies you...
— Costica Bradatan | Author

Interior Design | Design psychology

Design is a celebration of the senses, an outward expression of your inner joys, and a reflection of what you love.  With a focus on flow, function and feel, we develop your personal design style—a conscious curation of elements, textures and furnishings—to create spaces that support you physically, emotionally and visually.  


Interior Environment Coaching

This is a personal development journey—a process of reflection and assessment that goes beyond decorating.  This 6-step coaching series helps you to organize your space and your thinking, move past patterns of behavior, and open up to the life you want to create. 



FENg Shui

Feng Shui is the art of placement—balancing and enhancing the environment—and it's affect on people.   When you live and work in places that feel good to you, your attitude becomes more positive, and the quality of your life improves. We'll apply practical Feng Shui techniques to enhance all areas of your life, increasing flow to support balance, well-being and abundant living.  


Color Consultation

Color choice is highly subjective, and personal preferences are influenced by a host of factors. We select the colors that consider all of these, and most importantly, are the ones you will love to live with.  


Garden Consultation

The environment surrounding your space is as important as the space within. Gardens can take on many forms, from a few plants in containers, to carefully designed beds, to architectural living walls. Natural beauty is soothing to people, and studies have shown that having plants and flowers around the home or office reduce your perceived stress levels, stimulate the senses, increase vitality, and act as natural air purifiers. Let's take a look at how to bring more flowers and plants into your life for an enhanced, optimistic and energized outlook.