make room to bloom



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my philosophy:
change sparks opportunity
to release,
and realign
with who you are
and how you want
to live...

Betsy Cameron | lifestyle designer 

Are you looking to make some changes in your space and in turn, your life?      

Take a quick look around your home or office, are there areas that reflect a need for change?  The pile of papers you’ll go through “later,” the decor that’s no longer your taste, a space to fit your needs now, perhaps a more inspiring office?  If you gave these some attention, what other areas of your life would benefit?

We have a multitude of emotional responses to aesthetics and space—there is a proven correlation between creating “beautiful” environments and meaningful, satisfying and joyful experiences.  If we know that space influences how we feel, then why don’t we make more effort to create “beauty” in places where feeling inspired is key to family, to community, to social and personal growth and to learning?  

So, who am I and how can I help you?  I’m an interior decorator with a twist—I combine elements of design psychology and personal growth and wellness work, with my innate love of design to help you to transform spaces and bring about positive transitions. This style of design invites you to go beyond the surface, to reveal spaces that authentically reflect who you are and support how you aspire to live.   Ready to dive in?  Take the H.O.M.E. assessment on the Get Started page, to jumpstart the process. 

Here’s to designing your best life! 



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